The Only Sales Engagement

Platform for Sales Cloud

Your can now pair the power of Oracle Sales Cloud,  with the velocity and execution of an all-in-one Sales Engagement platform – built on the cloud.

OppSource combines all the functionality that makes up a dynamic Sales Engagement suite and powers it with AI so teams can work smarter and faster.


Moment of Interest™ Notifications

Touch Plan™




Replicate Your Wins™

with AI

Reps get an instant notification when a prospect interacts with their content, or is qualified by a Marketing Automation platform.
Marketing qualified leads are automatically placed into a TouchPlan™ rhythm of calls, emails, and social engagement to make sure every lead gets followed up on appropriately.
Once the sales rep connects, each conversation is transcribed and analyzed. OppSource Aptitude™ then scans the conversation for possible next steps, action items, and the overall prospect sentiment.
OppSource Aptitude™ begins building a knowledge-base for your key accounts, giving you not only the relevant information you need to close those deals, but the elements you need to replicate them.

Relevance: The Key to Modern Sales Engagement

OppSource is built on four key pillars which make up an engaging, relevant experience:

Appropriate Timing

Instant notifications to alert you when your leads and prospects interact with your content, so Sales Reps eps can reach out while they are on their buyers’ minds. We call this the buyers Moment of Interest™.

All-in-one Experience

Give buyers a seamless journey through the pipeline. OppSource eliminates the gaps that occur between processes by completing the Oracle Sales Cloud end-to-end solution..

Compelling Content

Ebooks, whitepapers, videos and anything else that is aligned as closely as possible with your prospect’s pain. All of these live in a content library, making it easy for sales reps to insert them in communication.

Personalized Engagement

By incorporating machine learning into the OppSource solution, reps can reach out with the most relevant information that has been collected and transcribed throughout the life of the cycle..

Business Impact for Oracle Sales Cloud Users


Win More Deals
With actual data outlining what their best reps say, teams using Oracle Sales Cloud can replicate that process again and again.


The Most Accurate Forecasts to Date
OppSource Aptitude draws the line between deals that might be won, and deals that WILL be won. Probability to close becomes “more than a feeling”.


Discover New Opportunities within Accounts
Since OppSource is built on an account-based foundation, the information that is collected from transcriptions is visible across the account, which can unearth new opportunities in different areas of the target account.


Fully Integrated with Sales Cloud
No need to duplicate efforts. All of the information that is collected is seamlessly synced with OSC, so that your pipelines and forecasts are up-to-date.


Higher Team Velocity
OppSource Aptitude™ sets appointments, takes notes, schedules outreach, and analyzes sentiment. Freeing up the time originally spent on these activities allows the average Inside Sales Rep more time to focus on more deals.


Unified Messaging Throughout The Entire Team
The OppSource Aptitude™ platform will uncover what works for the company – so the entire team can use the same messaging. Transcripts provide perfect data that sales leaders can leverage to coach their teams.

OppSource is a Proud Member of the
Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem

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